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Minister of Information and Civic Education, Hon. Vuwa Kaunda, two days ago revealed that government has internet equipment it use to spy on Malawians who feed the internet-based sites with bad information about the Malawi government. The equipment is used to hack suspected people's email accounts and other internet communication accounts, including blogs.

In confirmation, Malawi Democrat has found out that it is Nicholas Dausi who is managing and manning this crew of spies. His office for this underground duty is in MDC house.

Dausi was bodyguard for founding president of the country, Dr. Kamuzu Banda. He also worked as Intelligence man of Dr. Kamuzu Banda.

According to Malawi Democrat's source, the spies are deployed to strategic institutions which can likely speak bad about the government. These spied places are churches, education institutions, bars, and public mini/buses.

So far, a number of civil servants have been disciplined after the spies did their magic. Dr. B. Chinsinga was trapped in the similar way at Chanco. Reverend Andrew Maere of Ntcheu CCAP was called for questioning after a sunday preaching ceremony. The security intelligence, under Dausi, has also hacked the email of human right activitist, Harold Williams.

The source further said that this team of spies has a list of names of people who are monitored, through the equipment and physical spying, in whatever they do.

an African Dream can never be an African Reality!


>Police in northern region of Malawi in December last year arrested a 24 year old second year student of Mzuzu University of having sexual intercourse with the teenage boy in his hostel room.

Favor Nguluwe, a safe syled MALE prophet and a gospel singer was suspected of sodomising a 17 year old boy from Lubinga secondary school.

Prophet Nguluwe, a student in the faculty of health sciences at the university had told the boy that his future was doomed because of his sins. The prophet took the boy to his room where he caressed the boy's private parts. He convinced the boy that he was doing so to stop his (the boy') manhood from erecting and that he can concentrate on his studies.

Days later, the boy came again for further prophecy and spiritual assistance but the prophet sodomised him (Mzuzu Central Hospital proved entry in the boy).

In another development, a well known Prophet, Bushiri, is in court answering charges of impregnating a Mzimba girl, Brenda Chumacha'zungu.

Brenda claims to have even seen the prophet's birthmark during sex, unprotected anyway.

Their love affair, according to Brenda, started in 2007.

The prophet denies it.


>On 27Th of January, this year, 9 pupils collapsed at Blantyre Girls F.P School in Ndirande. Barely 25 days later, on Monday 13 other girls also collapsed at the same compass.

Before fainting the pupils showed strange behaviour and upon proper questioning they revealed that they had been seeing unfamiliar people carrying knives and also seen snakes biting their friends. It was after disclosing this vision that these pupils started collapsing one by one.

The situation has led some people to conclude that these are the satanism works. Consequently, angered parents and sympathisers demand the transfer of all the teachers from the school accusing some, including the headmaster, of being behind such supernatural forces.

The clinical psychologist, professor Chiwoza Banda, told The Nation Magazine that it is a phenomenon called 'Contagion' which is common among adolescents.

Contrading professor Banda, the EavesDrop Times editor said that he had seen many adolescent boys and girls collapse before (infront of) other adolescents in different places, including in school and church classes,but never had he seen another following suit (collapse) on the same day, neither the same week nor same month.



According to Pride Magazine, in UK the ex-president Bakili Muluzi and his wife Shanil fought fiercely after Muluzi discovered love text messages in his wife (Shanil's) mobile phone.

The UK police intervened, however Shanil escaped and sought refuge in Libya.

Meanwhile, Shanil is striving to get her belongings, including underwears, which she didn't carry when leaving the residence after the official divorce.

Some sources say that Muluzi also had/has multiple relationships here in Malawi and in UK.

As that of Shanil was not enough, NyasaTimes wrote, 'according to the grapevine, the first wife to Muluzi (Annie) also cheated on the him.'




Wendy Harawa. Most Celebrity-Victim of Domestic Assault.

1) Zambian singer of Fendela Fenduze, Peterson, was arrested by Zambian police on charge of assaulting his girlfriend, Wendy Harawa.

'Petersen beat me upon opening the gate to his house when he saw me drop from his brother's car. Before that I was with Runnel (another well known Zambian musian) and his wife,' said Wendy.

She also revealed that Petersen had beaten her on several occasions.

2) Again, Wendy was said to have been beaten by her Malawian boyfriend, Gwedeza. The fight erupted as the boyfriend suspected Wendy of flirting with other men.

3) Wendy Harawa and her close friend, Memory Ng'oma, fought each other over the visiting Zambian musician, Baska of Nafuti Nafuti.

This happened at China bar.

Memory further said that Wendy doesn't have own house and that is accommodated by her in area 18, Lilongwe.