>On 27Th of January, this year, 9 pupils collapsed at Blantyre Girls F.P School in Ndirande. Barely 25 days later, on Monday 13 other girls also collapsed at the same compass.

Before fainting the pupils showed strange behaviour and upon proper questioning they revealed that they had been seeing unfamiliar people carrying knives and also seen snakes biting their friends. It was after disclosing this vision that these pupils started collapsing one by one.

The situation has led some people to conclude that these are the satanism works. Consequently, angered parents and sympathisers demand the transfer of all the teachers from the school accusing some, including the headmaster, of being behind such supernatural forces.

The clinical psychologist, professor Chiwoza Banda, told The Nation Magazine that it is a phenomenon called 'Contagion' which is common among adolescents.

Contrading professor Banda, the EavesDrop Times editor said that he had seen many adolescent boys and girls collapse before (infront of) other adolescents in different places, including in school and church classes,but never had he seen another following suit (collapse) on the same day, neither the same week nor same month.

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