Minister of Information and Civic Education, Hon. Vuwa Kaunda, two days ago revealed that government has internet equipment it use to spy on Malawians who feed the internet-based sites with bad information about the Malawi government. The equipment is used to hack suspected people's email accounts and other internet communication accounts, including blogs.

In confirmation, Malawi Democrat has found out that it is Nicholas Dausi who is managing and manning this crew of spies. His office for this underground duty is in MDC house.

Dausi was bodyguard for founding president of the country, Dr. Kamuzu Banda. He also worked as Intelligence man of Dr. Kamuzu Banda.

According to Malawi Democrat's source, the spies are deployed to strategic institutions which can likely speak bad about the government. These spied places are churches, education institutions, bars, and public mini/buses.

So far, a number of civil servants have been disciplined after the spies did their magic. Dr. B. Chinsinga was trapped in the similar way at Chanco. Reverend Andrew Maere of Ntcheu CCAP was called for questioning after a sunday preaching ceremony. The security intelligence, under Dausi, has also hacked the email of human right activitist, Harold Williams.

The source further said that this team of spies has a list of names of people who are monitored, through the equipment and physical spying, in whatever they do.

an African Dream can never be an African Reality!

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