High court in Zomba has rebuffed president Bingu Wa Mutharika’s directive which ordered Chancellor College lecturers to resume work immediately last Monday.

Judge Godfrey Mwase on Tuesday ruled that the directive was unlawful which now means that the lecturers can have the right to strike.

The lecturers have been boycotting classes for almost four weeks in reaction to the conduct of police inspector general Peter Mukhito on fellow lecturer Dr Blessings Chinsinga.

The police chief summoned the political science lecturer Dr chinsinga over an example he gave in class which according to the police he was inciting students to revolt against government like what has been happening in Egypt.

The lecturers have been demanding an apology from the inspector general and an assurance that they would not be subjected to any interrogation after giving examples in class.

Speaking to BBC Dr Jessie Kabwila-Kapasula who is president of chancellor college academic staff union said they will continue boycotting classes hoping that they be able to discuss about the stand-off with government, because it’s it difficult to go back in class without the assurance that they will not be interrogated by the police but the lectures are willing to go back and continue their duties.

Last weekend President Bingu Wa Mutharika ordered the lectures to go back to class whilst reminding them of their duties. The president also said that the inspectors general of police will not apologies to the lecturers.

Meanwhile students at polytechnic are planning to hold demonstration trying to force government to resolve the issue quickly as they have not been having classes due to the standoff between the lectures and government.

Malawi understands is also mediating talks between government and the lectures despite the presidents directive.

(@ Malawi Voice)

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