Last year a mentally retarded person in Karonga, Malawi, cut open his own scrotum with the aim to sell the enclosed organs after he eavesdropped that in the district arrived some foreigners who were buying
the reproduction organs at a very high price.

The truth about the arrival of such foreigners in the lakeside district was never comfirmed, but if really they went there then this time they are back.

This morning, 31 March, 2011, a dead body was found near Karonga Museum offices without its private parts!

According to people who claimed to have recognised the body said the man, details held ’til identified by police, was multi-talented traditional musician; in his live performances he used his body parts as mouth to produce sound imitating instruments like drums. He also had a string instrument that made his style unique.

However, his performances had never been taken serious by any class of audience and he was thus regarded as a mere ‘funny’ man.

Karonga residents are already traumatised; with the death of the six who were traveling from Mzuzu and burnt to death when the vehicle they were traveling in caught fire after a crash; and the deaths of three due to floods, within the same week.

‘And now here comes killing for human private parts…ooh no…God save our district,’ one at the spot lamented.

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