University of Malawi lecturers who were fired yesterday have obtained a court injunction restraining the university council and the government of Malawi from dismissing them.
According to Malawi Voice, at Exactly 11.30pm last night the lecturers were granted an injunction by the High Court in Zomba stopping Prof. Seyani and Council from sacking them.

Chancellor College Academic Staff Union (CCASU) president, Dr. Jessie Kabwila-Kapasula who heads the English Department, Professor of Law Dr Garton Kamchezela and Franz Amin received their marching orders on Wednesday afternoon after they defied University Council of Malawi’s directive to return to classes by March 24.

According to Jessie Kabwila Kapasula, University of Malawi head of academic staff says the injunction was obtained Wednesday night.

“We got an injunction 11pm last night (Wednesday), so I am not fired for now” writes Kapasula on her facebook social network page.

But Kapasula maintains she and her colleagues at the University of Malawi will soldier on in fighting for academic freedom.

“The issue is academic freedom and constitutional rights in Malawi. We will fight on till this is reassured and apologies are given” Says Kapasula.

She has also thanked all Malawians both living in Malawi and abroad for a massive support in the defending of Malawi’s Republic constitution.

“Thank you Malawians, at home and abroad for the massive show of support. This is our country; no one is above the constitution. Malawians are committed to upholding rule of law” writes Kapasula.

As we went to press, there was chaos in Blantyre City as students from the polytechnic were closing the roads in protest of the firing of the lecturers.

The lecturers who have been boycotting classes for six weeks were ordered by The Council last week, to return to classes by March 24 or risk being fired.

However the lecturers reacted by dragging the Council chairman, Prof. James Seyani to court for contempt of court proceedings.

The lectures also disobeyed a similar directive by the state president Bigu Wa Mutharika, who is also the chancellor of the University of Malawi which was later invalidated by Zomba High Court.

Fellow lectures at Bunda and Polytechnic resolved to return to work while their colleagues at Chancellor College said they would not be intimidated and continued with their boycott.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that some lectures at the college wanted to return to work but were being intimidated by the three fired lectures.

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