Police in Karonga have imposed a ban on local distilled beer, Kachasu, saying anyone found distilling, selling and/or drinking the beer will face jail sentence.

With the use of a vehicle-mounted megaphone, the police announced the development in Karonga town and villages today.

The ban was contemplated last year as assistant Commissioner of Police, Alex Masina, got concerned learning that most villagemen in the district spend all their time at Kachasu selling points than taking part in developments and farming their own food.

At national level, president wa Muthalika also has been arguing that those who do not have food in these years he has been president are those Malawians who are fond of drinking Kachasu while their friends are in the farm.

The ban has now taken effect following reports from the district hospital that the hospital encounters an increase in the number of people suffering from diseases that are triggered by excess consumption of spirits. It was also reported that Kachasu does not only make people lazy and enduce diseases but also has killed many people right away in their drunkard state.

Police therefore ban the beer, however they say only those who obtain licence may be granted permission to sell the beer on some conditions. It hasn’t stated yet the time people can drink freely.

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