A self-styled Prophet Favour Ngulube of Divine Glory Ministry is free from sodomy charges.

“The court finds Favour Ngulube not guilty and he be acquitted against the offence of gross indecency ,” Mzuzu senior resident magistrate Gladys Gondwe was quoted.

The prophet was accused of sodomising a secondary school student, 17, on December 5 last year.

Ngulube told the court that the boy, Gift Phiri, and friend, Edwin Mbewe, approached him to pray for them to stop stealing,drinking and womanising. He said the two preferred to be prayed for separately in a private place and they settled for the prophet’s room at Mzuni.

“I noticed that his [Phiri] hand was in his pocket. I suspected he was hiding something. When I quizzed him, he surrendered two dangerous knives,” said Ngulube and showed court the two knives.

The prophet said he was surprised to hear in court that the two accused him of fondling their private parts. He also said he was deeply shocked to hear that he had anal sex with Phiri.

A second witness, Robert Banda, told the court that he was with Ngulube on December 4 during the prayers and that there was no touching of private parts.

Kondwani Chimatiro, a student at Mzuni, claimed he spent a night in the prophet’s room on December 4 till December 5 and that Gift Phiri did not show up.

The judge said the state failed to “prove beyond reasonable doubt” that the Prophet committed the act.

“In such a case, the burden is left in the hands of the complainant to prove his case and not the accused to prove his innocence,” said the magistrate, “and the state failed to prove that the boy went to Mzuzu University on the material date of the sodomy hence leaving the court in doubt as to whether the act really happened,” she added.

She also blamed the state for not bringing the mother of the
complainant as a material witness saying the mother could have said exactly when she got the news. She said the complainant’s friend and second witness said they
reported the alleged sodomy to the mother on the same day, while the complainant said they reported after three days hence rendering their evidence inconsistent.

Gondwe also trashed the medical report which the state presented as it was not presented by the author, a medical doctor, who could do that under oath hence such evidence was inadmissible in court.

In one of the much publicised cases, the Prophet, a student at Mzuzu University, was represented by lawyer George Kadzikapite.

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