The University of Malawi Council has announced that it has completely shut down the Malawi Polytechnic and Chancellor Colleges.
The council has further ordered all the lecturers in these two colleges to remove all personal belongings from the offices and hand over the keys to the council by Wednesday.

In a press statement issued out on Monday, the council said by 17:00 hours on Wednesday April 6th 2011, the two colleges will be accessible to security personnel only.

The council also said that those lecturers who did not sign on the forms which it designed on March 31st 2011 and are now willing to start working again do NOT have that chance; it is too late.

However, Chancellor College Academic Staff Union chair Jessie Kabwira Kapasula said, “we are currently meeting to map the way forward, but we feel this is illegal, and is another contempt of court.”

And she added, “nothing will make us soften our stand.”

Last Friday, the council ordered students from the two colleges to leave the campus for their homes, and it did not indicate when the colleges would be re-opened.

Polytechnic students have been protesting their lecturers’ decision to abandon class boycott and start teaching by last Thursday.

While Chanco was closed after the battle between students and police got worse on Thursday. The police invaded the campus and fired teargas while students were chanting in support of their lecturers.

Reports say 17 students, 14 men and three women were arrested.

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