According to reports gathered by NyasaTimes, the government of Malawi through the University Council of Malawi is planning to replace university lecturers.

It is said government has already discussed with some foreign governments to provide about 45 expatriate lecturers to jig back lessons.

“They are trying to import Chinese academics and others from some countries to fill in the gap. Let us wait and see, but this is very worrisome development,” revealed a close source in government.

To be replaced The source also said this is against national interest where foreigners will be given employment over locals, creating enemity and mistrust with the leadership.

“Where else in the world do you fire people en-masse and bring inforeigners to fill the vacancies created? This is unwelcome and dictatorial. Malawi is turning into a one man show where the rule of law is disregarded,” he added.

But presidential spokesman Hetherwick Ntaba said “the university Council are doing theirjob” for locking-out the two campuses, Chancellor College and Polytechnic, after lecturers havebeen boycotting classes for overa month.

Civil Society Coalition for Quality Basic Education official Benedicto Kondowe said the University Council has lost its moral credibility on being the regulatory authority of University of Malawi.

Lecturers are engaged in a stand-off with the leadership after one of their colleagues, associate lecturer in political studies at Chancellor College was summoned by Police Inspector General Peter Mukhito over a lecture example he gave in class. Chinsinga was reported to the police as having said shortage of fuel, forex and public discontent with a leadership all led to revoltthe Egyptian and Tunisian way.

President Bingu wa Mutharika challenged that Mukhito will never apologise and ordered thelecturers back into school – a decree they turned down. The stand-off rages on.

Meanwhile, a court has ruled that lecturers are simply demanding a conducive working atmosphere and have every right to express concern over their security.

“We demand academic freedom failing which we cannot go back to class. No-one can force us. Until we get an apology from theIG and academic freedom is guaranteed us, we will resume classes,” said the academic staff leader at Chancellor College, Jessie Kabwila-Kapasula.

The university council has since declared Chancellor College and the Polytechnic closed by 1st April 2011 and that all lecturer’s surrender all work materials and vacate college residences and offices with immediate effect as at 4th April 2011.

The court however granted an injunction stopping the lock-out. Nyasa

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