Police in Salima have arrested Rodrick Elisa (18) and Sellina Elisa(16) for having sex relationship that has resulted in a four-month pregnancy.

They have been charged of incest.

According to section 157 of the penal code, a male who has canal knowledge of a sister, mother, daughter and granddaughter knowingly is guilty of incest.

According to Malawi News Agency report which quoted Central Region Police spokesperson John Namalenga, the two started having a sexual relationship in January 2011.

“The two began a sexual relationship despite being fully aware of their blood link, which is a crime,” said Namalenga.

He said the children’s mother discovered the existence of the affair on April 15 2011 after noting physical body changes in Sellina and reported the matter to Salima Police Station.

Teenage incest pregnancy

“Officers at Salima Police Station took Sellina to a hospital where it was established that she was pregnant,” said Namalenga.

Rodrick and Sellina, who come from Kabuula Village, T/A Khombedza in Salima, will appear in court. Mana

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  • jack  On 07/04/2012 at 22:05

    That’s bullshit. They really need to be brought to book

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