In another case of patricide in Malawi, an 83-year-old father in the central region district of has been hacked to death by four of his sons after accusing him of practising witchcraft and they set his body on fire, police has confirmed.

Kasungu Police Public Relations Officer, Sub-Inspector, Edwin identified the deceased as Dyson Banda of Timeyogona Village, Senior Chief Chulu in the district.

Police spokesman said they arrested the deceased’s sons; Stefano Banda (45), 26-year-oldGift Banda, Moffat Banda (25), and grandson, Thomas Banda.

“We have charged the four with an offence of murder,” said Kaunda.

He said the sons took the law in their own hands after their father was suspected of practicing witchcraft, claiming hewas behind the numerous deaths that were frequently happening in the area.

“The suspects went to their father’s house armed with an axe and hacked him to get rid ofthe ‘witch’. The old man was by then, alone in the house,” said Kaunda.

Police spokesman said after killing their father, the four set the house ablaze with an aim of cremating the body so as to conceal the axe wounds and make people believe that the deceased might have died in the flames.

But the fire is reported to have only consumed part of the deceased’s legs leaving the rest of the body including the deep cuts
A post-mortem conducted at Kasungu District Hospital revealed late Banda died of serious head injuries.

Belief in witchcraft runs deep in the poor southern African country–(Nyasa Times)

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