Mzuzu– Prophet Shepherd Bushiri of the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) on 18 April, 2011 prophesied tragedy for Malawi.

He said that God has revealed to him that Malawi faces major tragedy as he sees a dark cloud covering the country.

Prophet Bushiri: Foretells disaster

He said he had a vision where he saw two animals, ONE WITH TWO HORNS and the other with one, fighting in commercial city of Blantyre.

“The animals I saw fighting tells that there will be divisions due to political parties and the two sides will fight. I am seeing some UNDERGROUND MEETINGS taking place in the country and if no prayers are held, there will be total disaster in the country,” Bushiri revealed.

The Animal With Two Horns*

In December last year a Kanjedza (Blantyre) based woman said on MBC (tv) that she had a vision where she saw a sheep-like-animal with TWO equal HORNS.

In her say on MBC, she said the TWO HORNS of equal length on the same head means ‘two people from the same biological mother (head), both of high academic learning (horns of equal in length) and both with aspiration of leadership (horns are on the head part of the animal)

Underground Meetings *

Blantyre – A self-proclaimed prophet Kangawa Sunny Msiska has predicted that President Bingu wa Mutharika will die before his term of office expires in 2014.

Msiska, who leads Gethsemane Church in Ndirande township, Blantyre, has been foretelling that Mutharika will not pass the year 2013 before something happens to him.

He predicts that Vice President Joyce Banda will ascend to power as Head of State.

(Joyce Banda is a current Malawi vice president but to the contrary she and the ruling party had been on bitter terms and she was consequently kicked out of the party last year. Some sources say that there is such tension between the two sides because Joyce Banda refused to indorse president wa Mutharika’s biological brother, Peter Aurthor Mutharika, as party’s presidetial candidate for 2014 elections.
Meanwhile, Joyce Banda is heard to have formed and running her own party which is yet to be registered.)

Following the revelation, prophet Msiska was arrested on 17 April, 2011.

Prophet Bushiri also prophesied that a market in the capital city, Lilongwe will be gutted soon and that the battle for academic freedom in the University of Malawi will not end peacefully.

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