Whether it’s the economic crisis simmering and
getting ground in Malawi
or a quest to make quick
bucks or even worse to
the imaginable, evil-
mindedness, conmen are devising a trick each
passing day.

A group of ‘thieves” in Lilongwe are making big
monies and cashing on
innocent Malawians,
through fake job

miscreants are placing some adverts in
Newspapers looking for
staff (mostly drivers) or
posing as an agency
looking for commodities;
they will grab their hard earned cash and
commodities and
eventually disappear.

Recently two men with
their fake NGO called
Global Concern Africa
placed an advert in the
Newspaper looking for
staff in different capacities of project
Monitoring & Evaluation
officers, drivers and etc.
what this people did was
that they indicated their phone numbers and a
post office mailing
address, So they know
pretty well that most
desperate Malawians will
call looking for further information and they will
tell somebody to call them
after posting, they will
promise good salaries and
tell one to pay them
money for training, the amounts varied within
individuals, this was their
trend and eventually with
passage of time, their
phones will be switched
off and remain incommunicado.

The same people have
also advertised a fake
Farm Income
Programme (FIDP) lucky
enough they were cornered in their tracks
and a correction was
done in the nation
newspaper indicating
that the advert was fake
but one thing was clear, their motive was the

One peculiar thing about
these adverts is that they
appear in the classified
ads section and they do
not indicate duties and
responsibilities and emphasis is made to the
public to immediately call
them, this is alluring and
deemed pertinent in the
eyes of most desperate

Another conman Mr. B.L
Chizumila, through an
advert in The Daily Times
is stealing maize, rice;
Soya, beans and other
farm produce from people in the name of
Seed Corporation Agency,
claiming that he has
funding from EU, DFID and
JICA, a check with these
agencies revealed that they do not know Seed
Corporation Agency, yet
he has collected farm
produce from people
with the view that they
will be paid within 12 months from funds from
this agencies. A check at Lilongwe
Police Station show that 2
people reported the
incident of being fooled in
such circumstances but
the problem is that some people would like to
remain silent and weep
internally. Malawi Voice

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