Despite President Bingu wa
Mutharika directing that
Polytechnic and Chancellor
college open their doors to
students by July 4, there
are indications that students are likely to
remain home with the
revelation that the
University Council and
lectures seem not ready to
resolve their issues out of court.

University Council still
wants to proceed with
court cases that are aimed
at freezing lecturers’ salaries and completely
shutting down the two

Polytechnic Academic Staff
Committee on Welfare
president Griffin Salima and
spokesperson, Simbarashe
Mungoshi said the
employer of the University of Malawi lecturers the
University council remains
adamant to sack the staff
which were leading class
boycott in the fight for
academic freedom.

“I will see the documents that they [University
Council] have served us
with on Monday but I hear
they still want to
completely close the college
and freeze our salaries,” said Salima, “we agreed that we should go back to class but how do we do
that while we are on
campus through the courts
and we are getting our
salaries through the courts?”

Mungoshi said that they
[lecturers] spent the day at
the court and that the
matter has been adjourned
to Friday, next week.

Efforts to talk to a
University Council proved
futile but University of
Malawi Students Union
(UMSU), Secretary General,
Mphatso Chirwa said that the University Council
recently had a meeting
where they discussed the
Poly-Chanco issue.

“We [students] were not invited as per the rule [that
when University Council
discusses issues concerning
students, the students are
not supposed to be
present] but we were only served with agendas which
included the re-opening of
the colleges, the academic
calendar and students’ security,” said Chirwa.

On his part Polytechnic
Students Union (PSU)
president, Evance Morra,
said he was in the dark on
the issue and that he was
just waiting for 4 July.

“If it’s true then it ’s defying the president’s directive. We insisted and initiated this dialogue thing because
we know how long court
proceedings take and to
hear that issues are still in
court is disappointing, we don’t have all the time in the world,” said Morra.

University students reacted
angrily to the development
that the court issues were
still being dragged on by
University Council.

A snap survey of opinion
on the social media shows
alot of anger at University
Council for the ‘politicking ’ and Mutharika for not
being honest and clear in
his recent speech on the
matter. —(Nyasa

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