Renowned gospel artists,
Thoko Katimba and
Patience Namadingo
dominated the front page
of The Friday afternoon
‘scandal sheet’ Weekend Times tabloid.

The Blantyre-based
Katimba of the ‘Werenga Madalitso Ako ’ hits the paper with a sizzling headline ‘Thoko Katimba in another K3.5 million

For the past weeks, the
tabloid has been publishing
stories of the soft-spoken
singer duping fellow
gospel musicians and

Recently, the paper
reported that the soft
singing Katimba pocketed
K15,000 from a church
choir in Ntcheu as advance
fee to perform on that choirs album launch but did
not show up at the event.

In last Friday’s paper, it was reported that the
hotshot Katimba, who
released his debut album
last year, was arrested last
week for defaulting
payment of a Mercedes Benz valued at K2.6 million. The vehicle was later impounded from him by a
Mchinji-based business man
whom he also owed

He is on bail and
expected to appear in court on July 13.

Now it has been reported
that Katimba faces another
debt amounting to K3.5

“Katimba whose saintly reputation as a gospel
artist has been replaced by
one of a habitual trickster
was ordered by the High
Court in Blantyre to pay
businessman Jimmy Fombe K3.5 million in damages
after using a brand new
vehicle close to a year
without paying a single
penny,” reports The Weekend Times.

The report says the
judgment orders Katimba
to immediately pay
K500,000 and the
remaining amount in monthly installments of
K300,000 beginning the
month of June 2011.

“The judgment also states that any default by
Katimba in payment of the
installments would mean
he would pay the
remaining amount all at

The court has also empowered Fombe to
sheriff Katimba to recover
the money,” quotes the paper.

And in what seems to be a
brotherly manner,
following Katimba’s footsteps is the Lilongwe-
based rising gospel star
Patience Namadingo of
‘Mtendere’ fame is reported to have swindled Mponela
Baptist Church in Dowa.

It is reported that
Namadingo pocketed
K11,000 for a performance
scheduled on May 8, 2011
but failed to show up last

The musician is said to have attended another

The concert is said to have
been organized by Madisi-
based gospel musician
Maureen Kanyenda at
Mponela Baptist church at
which Namadingo was expected to be a guest
artist. But regrettably, he
did not turn up despite
receiving his payment in

“Namadingo charged us K20,000 but upon
negotiations we agreed
that we pay him K11,000
which he requested to be
deposited in his bank
account. He did not show up on the day of the show
despite his confirmation.

This angered Mponela fans
who felt cheated,” Kanyenda is quoted as

However, as reported,
Namadingo who confirmed
the incident attributed his
failure to malaria outbreak
which hit his entire family.

But Kanyenda faulted him,
arguing “he said he was on his way to our show. He
did not mention any aspect
of malaria as an excuse. ”— Nyasa Times

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  • zozo  On 19/08/2011 at 14:52

    mwatani kodi athoko wakunamizani ndani kodi ndinu agalatia,koma tsono zomwe mukuchita ndi nyimbo zako zosagwirizana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • music story  On 23/10/2014 at 16:25

    It’s very simple to find out any topic on net as compared
    to books, ass I found this paragraph at this website.

  • Nabanda  On 29/07/2015 at 08:20

    To be a gospel musician it doesn’t mean that somebody is correct, even the bible says: its not everybody who calls upon his name that shall enter the kingdom of heaven.

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