Demonstrators in Mzuzu
have torched
a vehicle belonging to
the ruling party DPP and
smashed its office after
overpowering the police office that was present at
the scene.

Police were run over as they
tried to block them not to go
katoto freedom ground.

A chinese shop was also
looted and destroyed.

However the police had to
bring in re enforcement to
help tackle the commotion.

In Blantyre the civil society
are chanting ”Achoke Achoke” in the presence of police, while waiting court papers that will allow them
to carry on with their

Reports indicate that lawyer
Ralph Kasambara
was obtaining the court
order in Blantyre that will
over rule the injunction that
is preventing them from demonstrating across
the country.

Indeed it is like a public
holiday here in malawi as
many businesses have not
opened, many minibuses are
not in operation as
operators have also joined demonstrations.

Meanwhile president Bingu
wa Mutharika has
started addressing the nation
on the public lecture and has
started his speech
by acknowledging the problems that the country
has been facing but also
pointed out that it can not all
be blamed on one person.

Reports in the capital also
indicate that more cars have
been set on fire. @ Malawi Voice

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