Malawi Flames have drawn in
Group F of the 2014 World Cup
qualifiers with Nigeria and the
winners of the preliminaries
between Seychelles and
Kenya and Djibouti versus Namibia as opponents.

Nigeria, South Africa, Tunisia,
Cote d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso,
Egypt, Algeria, Cameroon and
Senegal were seeded and top
their groups.

South Africa was drawn in
Group A with Botswana,
Central Africa Republic and
the winner of the preliminary
game between Somalia and
Ethiopia while Tunisia top Group B and will battle Cape
Verde, Sierra Leone, and the
winner between Equatorial
Guinea and Madagascar.

In Group C is Cote d’Ivoire as
leaders with Morocco, Gambia
and the winner of the tie
between Chad and Tanzania
while Ghana are in Group D
with Zambia, Sudan and whoever wins the
preliminary game between
Lesotho and Burundi.

Burkina Faso which was
surprisingly seeded ahead of
Morocco leads Group E with
Gabon, Niger and the winner
between Sao Tome & Principe
and Congo while Egypt are Group G leaders and face
opposition from Guinea,
Zimbabwe and the winner
between the Comoros and

Algeria lead Group H and will
contend with Mali, Benin
Republic and the winner
between Eritrea and Rwanda
while Cameroon are pitched
against strife-torn Libya and the winners in the ties
between Guinea-Bissau and
Togo as well as Swaziland
versus Congo DR in Group I

Senegal head Group H and will
battle Uganda, Angola and the
winner of the prelim tie
between Mauritius and Liberia.


Group A:
South Africa,
Botswana, Central African
Republic, Somalia or Ethiopia

Group B:
Tunisia, Cape Verde
Islands, Sierra Leone,
Equatorial Guinea or

Group C:
Cote d’Ivoire,
Morocco, Gambia, Chad or

Group D:
Ghana, Zambia,
Sudan, Lesotho or Burundi

Group E:
Burkina Faso, Gabon,
Niger, Sao Tome e Principe or

Group F:
Nigeria, Malawi,
Seychelles or Kenya, Djibouti
or Namibia

Group G:
Egypt, Guinea,
Zimbabwe, Comoros or

Group H:
Algeria, Mali, Benin,
Eritrea or Rwanda

Group I:
Cameroon, Libya,
Guinea-Bissau or Togo,
Swaziland or Congo DR

Group J:
Senegal, Uganda,
Angola, Mauritius or Liberia

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