Suicide Suspected In Dead Poly Student, As Police, College of Medicine Set To Address Media This Afternoon

Chasowa: Found dead

The Malawi Police Service
(MPS) and College of Medicine postmortem results on the mysterious death of Poly student Robert Chasowa has revealed that the fourth year mechanical engineering student might have committed suicide.
The reports which is expected to be officially communicated to the members of the media this afternoon through national police spokesperson Willy Mwaluka and College of Medicine’s pathologist Charles Dzamalala says Chasowa might have thrown himself from a 15-metre tall building after fully screening the note he addressed to his father.

“Before throwing himself, Robert handed the note to his girl friend. In the letter, he commended his parents for taking care of him since he was young while another paragraph had this to say, “Dad, keep away from politics, it is very dangerous,” a senior police officer who opted for anonymity said.

While admitting that Robert left a note for his father, Southern Region police publicist Davie Chingwalu refused to disclose the contents of the letter.

“We are holding a press conference this afternoon where we will disclose everything, so just hold your patience; we don’t want to pre-empty everything,” he said.

But Chingwalu told today’s Sunday Times that Chasowa had left the campus on Friday such that his roommate collected his supper for him from the cafeteria.

He returned around midnight in the company of a female colleague but went out of the hostel almost immediately.

“His body was found with a gush on the back of the skull. He also left a note addressed to his father. He handed the note to the female friend. We have the note now but we do not know its contents yet because we have not yet opened it. We have to open it in the presence of the father to whom it was addressed,” Chingwalu is quoted as saying.

Chasowa was found dead on the campus around 2am on Saturday lying on the pavement.

Robert is reported to be the second in his family to die such a mysterious death.

His elder brother’s body was also found under a bridge few years ago.

However despite the report, it is a general belief that his death could have been politically orchestrated as Chasowa, 25, was vice president of a grouping known as Youth for Development and Freedom (YDF) which is fiercely anti- Democratic Progressive Party.

YDF produces a weekly newsletter, Political Update, which comes out every Monday and is said to have been venous at the performance of government and some technocrats linked to government and the DPP. @ malawi voice

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