The document that killed Robert Chasowa



1. We need an explanation-why the presidential jet was impounded in America

2. Mr. President-explain to us why should the Secretary for Treasury extort K16 Million from investors on behalf of DPP and you, your Excellency?

3. The Youth for Freedom and Democracy demands and explanation on how DPP gets its funds for its operations; for we have the information that government and its institutions are giving K30 Million each every month for its operations.

4. Youth for Freedom and Democracy have the information that Noel Masangwi and Mulli Brothers are giving the police money to cook-up evidence as to whom really torched or petrol bombed offices and Mc Donald Sembeleka’s house in Balaka.

5. The Youth for Freedom and Democracy are in touch with DPP-plan as to how the police will torture and coach culprits to give false information to cover –up the real culprits on the same.

6. Mr. President-explain to us why setting aside K40 Million to counter 21st September, 2011 vigil demonstrations.

7. We in our organisation are ready to demonstrate and counter all your plans, but we are peace and good governance, thus why we are calling for peaceful vigil demonstrations on 21st September, 2011

8. Mr. President as a youth organisation, we are in majority and we have a large following to stage up a real revolution but we are not the revolution, we simply urge you to address issues raised by the civil society organisations on 20 July 2011

9. The Youth for freedom and democracy have the information that you sent 2 army officers to America for trainings as plots for the presidential jet that the two (2) officers have been sent back by the US government-why Mr. President?

10. Mr President-explain tothe people of Malawi on how you spent and used U $100 million you borrowed from PTA Bank for the purchase of petrol and diesel

11. Mr President-why should Paladin Africa a company which is mining uranium at Kayerekera be banking U$100,000 every month to your personal account in Australia-when Malawi is experiencing a cute shortage of forex

12. Mr President-why should Mulli-Brothers and Perks Ligoya the governor of the RBM own joint forex account in Dubai worth millions of dollars?

_ Mr President, the things we do day will haunt us for years to come

_ Mr President, you are leaving the office 2014 andin the Youth for Freedom and Democracy will definitely take you to account for the wealth you have accumulated on the expense of poor Malawians

_ Mr President Sir, you will be arrested soon after leaving office in 2014 and we will be the stse witnesses on all issues of human rights abuses you have committed so far in Malawi

_ Mr president-Malawians are demonstrating on Wednesday the 21stSeptember, 2011, we appeal to the conscious of your good office to respect their constitutional right, by sending the police to shoot and kill them.

Malawi Moto!! Malawi Moto!! Malawi Moto!!

*Robert was killed on Saturday, 24 September, 2011>

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