Bingu’s son-in-law
impregnates ‘town girl’

Malawi President Bingu wa
Mutharika’s son-in-law
Tonderai Mubaira is cheating on his wife, the President’s daughter, Duwa, with a well known ‘town girl’ Julie Bhamjee and has sired a child out of wedlock.

Tonderai and Duwa had a high profile wedding two years ago and are yet to have a child of their own.

Duwa has a child from her previous marriage. But Tonde, as he is popularly known among the circle of his friends, has been scoring away from home.

‘Jay Bee’: Tonde’s second

He has been bonking some
beautiful girls in town but banged a hat-trick with Julie
Bhamjee who frequents
Blantyre’s popular and trendy drinking joints including TJs bar.

When Julie told Tonde that she has missed her period, Tonde had to think fast and quick before the madam at home hears it and ooh boy, Tonde could be in trouble.

So little genius Tonde sent
Julie away to his motherland, Zimbabwe, out of the preying eyes of the press and ofcourse security detail from State House.

Julie lived in Harare
throughout her pregnancy
and Tonde would find excuses at home to visit the ‘babe’ in Zimbabwe. Finally, in September this year, Julie gave birth to a bouncy baby girl and named her Khloe.

Now Julie is back in Malawi
a nd wants to have her share of the wealth baby’s father has got through ties at the State House but Duwa is not aware that her beloved husband has Khloe to look after as well.

It is not known how Tonde
will sort this one before Duwa kicks him out of the house

Duwa and Tonde: Historic wedding

and report him to her father.

Is he going to say sorry? Is he going to do a Linda Gasa on Julie? Let’s wait and see!

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