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A former pastor with the Evangelical Lutheran church announced in December last year, 2010, that God revealed to him in dreams the cure for HIV/AIDS.

He is Ambilikire Masapile, 76 years old Tanzanian, and his village, Samunge, call him ‘prophet.’

His cure is a mixture of natural herbs and the roots of a special tree, and as he cleary says, he discovered them in 1991.

According to him, it is God who spoke to him to use the special tree roots, which have not been revealed yet, to make an AIDS cure in 2009.

Thousands of Tanzanias are already flocking to Masapila’s clinic everyday. The number of people from neighbouring countries also increase each day.

‘I am confidently declaring that I am cured and there are no more symptoms in me,’ reported one after receiving Masapile’s treatment after four years of reliance on anti-retroviral treatments. Some have proved it by going for a second HIV test.

Meanwhile the situation has compelled the Tanzania government to deploy police force to Masapile’s clinic to maintain order in receiving this highly demanded treatment.

Masapila said that many of his patients receive the special AIDS treatment for free. He charges some patients 50 cents, saying that God warned him against selling the treatment for profit.

Though it seems that people who were tested HIV positive before Masapila’s treatment test negative after the treatment, medical officials have intervened, encouraging all patients on ant-retroviral treatment to continue to comply with their recommended treatment regiment.